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PAS 24 TD68 Pivot Anti-Panic Door

Ideal emergency exit door for schools, hospitals, hotels, offices or any building where external doors are vulnerable to forced entry.

TD68 Pivot Anti-Panic Door main features:

  • Unique rebated low threshold and lock strike plate to prevent tampering of the internal panic device from a wire under or over the door leaf.
  • Incorporates the Adams Rite Sentinel M 3 Point Anti-Panic Lock with 3-star anti-snap security cylinder, removing the need for a cylinder shroud.
  • A strike plate supports the lock during an attack.
  • The door can be locked internally and externally with a key to ensure it is secure on the outside. But it can still be opened in an emergency from the inside using a standard panic door exit device so there is no fear of occupants being left inside.
  • Dimensions up to 1260mm (W) x 2400mm (H)

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