Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-Folding Doors

GJH WINDOWS AND DOORS is renowned for its quality bi-folding doors in London. With selected profiles, we carry a huge collection of bi-folding doors.
Our bi-fold doors are becoming a part of almost all house extensions, with large openings these can be merged with garden to create more living space. Specialising in bespoke bi-folding doors, we provide you wonderful options to open up your home into garden, giving you ultimate feeling of new living space.
Our bifolds are available in different styles, designs and configuration. With different color and glazing options, we provide you great choices to match the interior and exterior with your surroundings.
By installing our bottom hung bifolds, you can bring the outdoor indoor while allowing natural light into your home. With weather resistant seals and thermally efficient glazing, you'll enjoy changing weathers with warmth and comfort.
GJH WINDOWS AND DOORS supplies high quality glazing products and all our doors are made of quality material, offering maximum durability, stability and functionality. With large panels and integrated track designs, doors carry softer lines which ensure smooth operation.
Your security is our top priority that's why we work hard to design quality doors and windows that ensure safety. Our bifolds are fitted with multipoint locking system, toughened safety glass & shoot bolts and all sashes are steel reinforced for rigidity, ensuring safe and secure home.
With unrivalled professionalism and attention to detail, each door is uniquely designed and fabricated by our dedicated team, meeting all your specific requirements.

Outside Space

Open up your living space and enjoy natures little gems all year round.

With folding sliding doors you really can bring the outdoors indoors. From the comfort of your living area you can enjoy an unspoilt view of the family garden and beyond. Our doors are designed to enable the maximum amount of natural light into the home, creating a fresh, airy space in any room.

In winter the multiple weather resistant seals and thermally efficient glazing will ensure you stay warm and dry whilst enjoying the changing scenery that the different seasons bring.

In summer folding doors truly transform your living space. The nylon wheels ensure smooth effortless operation so the doors can be opened wide, expanding your room like never before.

Family Space
Stylish, practical space for all the family whether it's time to relax or time to play.

When it comes to family every moment is precious. Our unique folding door system has been specifically designed to enable our doors to fold flush against each other, providing seamless lines and maximum visibility - so you never have to miss a moment again. Our innovative designs allow quick, easy access to the garden and extend the family living area, providing additional space for children to play, study or spend time with friends.

The thermal efficiency, acoustic performance and weather ratings of our sliding doors ensure that the family space is kept warm in winter, cool in summer, free from outdoor noise and protected from the elements.

Durability and three point locking systems provide peace of mind and confidence that your new expanded space is a safe family environment.

Bi-Folding Doors
Bi-Folding Doors

Life Space

Create a comfortable space to suit your life.

Folding sliding doors create a flexible, contemporary space for living, whatever you do with your life. Whether it's socialising with friends, dining, eating or undertaking hobbies such as reading and listening to music; your everyday activities can all be transformed with folding sliding doors which create a lighter, airier and more scenic environment.

Also ideal for home-working, folding doors create a light, open space where outdoor views can be enjoyed all year round. On fine days, the doors can be partly or fully opened to enable desk-work and phone calls to be carried out while taking in the pleasures of your external environment.

The clean lines of the installation and a low U Value of 1.8 mean our doors are not only beautifully designed but also offer the highest levels of insulation, leaving you with the knowledge that your home is fully protected from the elements.

Bi-Folding Doors

Flexibility By Design

Styled to complement your home perfectly.

Our sliding folding doors are individually designed and manufactured to suit your exact specifications and to further enhance the appearance of your property. An extensive range of colours, with the option of single or dual colour, means you can match the interior and exterior colours to your surroundings. A range of bead option and handle styles ensure that our dual colour doors look stunning whilst also offering the highest levels of functionality.

Every product is uniquely designed and fabricated by our highly skilled engineers, ensuring measurements are exact, guaranteeing a superior and flawless finished effect. Glazing size, panel design and hardware features are all specially chosen with the completed space in mind.

With slim line handles the doors can be stacked on either side once opened, ensuring they occupy the least amount of usable space as possible. And as the enclosed diagrams show, our doors can be developed and installed in a range of configurations with open-in or open-out options, helping you to make the best use of any space.

Bi-Folding Doors

Quality Built in

Made to last, with quality as standard

We're passionate about quality, thriving to exceed industry standards and to provide sliding folding doors that offer unbeatable levels of quality and longevity. As a trusted supplier for almost 25 years, you can be confident that our products are premium quality with guaranteed durability and long-term performance.
All of our components are of the highest industry quality and each and every door is manufactured with flexibility, safety and security in mind. Our folding doors are bottom hung, providing smoother operation and our internally beaded panels create a softer line to ensure the best possible view from your living space. All of our hardware products and materials are specially selected for the benefits they offer, including style, durability and usability. So as well as giving your home a truly individual look, our sliding folding doors are easy to maintain and built to withstand the everyday wear and tear that makes any house a home.

Bi-Folding Doors

Security Efficiency

What matters to you matters to us too

You, the customer, are at the heart of our business. So what matters to you is of paramount importance to us. We know that feeling safe in your own home is a priority and that's why our folding sliding doors are fitted with multipoint locking systems, toughened safety glass and shoot bolts, helping to provide peace of mind for you and your family.

We also know that once you've closed the doors to your home, you want to shut out external noise. That's why our doors come with a range of glazing options, with depths of 24-32mm, to offer varying levels of solar, thermal and acoustic performance to best suit your home.

Last but not least, we know that making the decision to install folding sliding doors into your home is not one you've taken lightly. You want to know that your home will still be your home, but with an extended, stylish living space. You want to know that your family will be safe and secure at all times. You want to know that the doors you choose will last. And you want to know that you won't regret your decision. Thankfully, we know all this and that's why we work hard to provide a product we are certain you'll be happy with for many years to come.