Panic Rooms

Panic Rooms

Our panic rooms are highly secure spaces protected from all sides and virtually impregnable. Installed with a high resistance and heavy door for entrance, once locked it is almost impossible for an intruder to break into a panic room.

We take under consideration all the requirements of safety and security during the planning and construction of panic rooms to provide you with an ultra-safe location within your homes, in case of a sudden intrusion or break-in.

We use robust, high resistance and premium quality materials for the construction of panic rooms in order to make these as safe and secure as possible. Incorporating modern technology with the experience and expertise of our professionals, we are able to build panic rooms which offer high degree of security and protection.

With the growing realization about the utility of panic rooms, these have now become an essential component of many architectural designs and plans. Hence, we provide complete assistance regarding the construction and installation of highly safe and secure panic rooms that serve as the most secure locations inside your homes and can be of great use in cases emergencies. Panic rooms provide an abode in case of sudden intrusions and serve as a safe haven for you and your families.

Our panic rooms are designed and manufactured in conformity to all the standards of high degree of safety and security, which are taken care of at all stages from planning to designing, construction and installation.