Hybrid Curtain Wall System (Series 3)

Hybrid Curtain Wall System

Hybrid Series 3

Curtain Wall is a unique UK manufactured timber aluminium composite system, with a wide variety of design alternatives. It is a traditional stick, compartmentally drained system. Hybrid combines the long life and low maintenance of aluminium externally, with the high insulation, environmentally focused benefits of responsibly sourced engineered timber internally.

  • Weather Rating tested to CWCT Sequence achieving 600Pa air permeability, 600Pa water tightness and 2000Pa wind resistance.
  • Able to receive glass and infill panels from 6 to 28mm thick depending on configuration.


  • All aluminium sections are extruded using Aluminium Alloy 6060 or 6063 T6 to BS EN 755 part 9 2008.
  • Polyamide thermal barriers are manufactured in accordance with PA66 GF25. Gaskets are manufactured in accordance with BS3734.
  • Timber profiles are certified by MPA Stuttgart with quality class BS11, laminated according to DIN1502 using weather proof and heat proof melamine glue.

Hybrid Series 3 curtain wall sections are available typically in four finishes: polyester powder coating via our specialist state-of-the art facilities, anodised in a range of colours in either satin or polished finish, mill finish and, finally, clear lacquered or painted timber.

Hybrid series 3 framing is constructed using mechanical methods at butt joints. A proprietary sealant is used on all metal to metal joints and gasket to gasket joints during assembly, in line with good practice. Vertical sections are designed to run through which enables individual panels to be made separately and assembled on site for large or multi-panel frames.